Yes, timing is everything but resting is as important as driving. Fatigue increases the risk of human error. It doesn't matter if you are the owner-operator or the owner of a truck business, we won't sleep just for you to sleep better!

Logbook monitoring - a new essential service solution for dispatching and logistics fields.

If in the past a truck driver had to manage a lot of paperwork, now it has been replaced by electronic logging devices (ELDs).

By logbook monitoring, we take control of the time, distance, and speed, we provide precise and detailed information which makes it easier to avoid any possible problems or fines on the road.

Why you should let us do the logbook monitoring?

- Reduced administrative work

Because track and record of the vehicle's movement are automatic, you don't have to worry about paperwork.

- Minimized fuel loss

We can track how much fuel is being used, and how much is exhausting.

- Truck maintenance

The logbook app is connected to the diagnostic port so you can always stay updated with your vehicle maintenance issues

- Location tracking and route guidance

Using GPS tracking, we will help you find better routes and minimize losses.